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CI 101 Intelligence Sources & Collection Techniques
Evening Social Networking: Best-in-Class CI Techniques (Eve)
CI 202 Competitive Benchmarking
Evening Ethical Boundaries (Eve)
CI 301 Competitive Blindspots
Evening Communicating CI to Sr. Management (Eve)
CI 302 Cross-Competitor Analysis
Evening CI - Pragmatic Lessons as Management's Decision Partner (Eve)
CI 303 Creating and Running a World Class Intelligence Operation
CI 401 War Gaming (Theory & Practice) 2 Days
Evening Strategic Intelligence through Visual Analytics (Eve)
CI 402 Value Chain Analysis
Evening Profit Pool Analysis (Eve)
CI 403 Anticipating Disruptions – Scenario Analysis Tools and Techniques

Intelligence Sources & Collection Techniques

Core Certification Course CI 101®

The fundamentals course for those just starting out in CI. Find creative, proven ways to develop the most timely intelligence on your competitors and on your market. Learn real-time, on the ground, ethical collection techniques.


Boston: June 9 & October 20 2014
Amsterdam: March 23 2015

Unique Exercise!
Human Source Collection Workshop
A real-time trade show event highlighted by a lively exercise on human source collection and intelligence reporting.

In this fundamental competitive intelligence course, taught for over 20 years to analysts, managers, planners and researchers of nearly every large corporation globally, you will learn creative and ethical ways to develop timely intelligence on your competitors and markets. You will learn to:

  • Create intelligence and identify state-of-the-art sources
  • Apply the most efficient and effective strategies for finding and analyzing information
  • Analyze privately held companies and subsidiaries
  • Use the latest Internet intelligence tools and techniques
  • Confirm rumors and improve management decision-making
  • Develop rapid-fire team intelligence-gathering strategies

Attendees will receive Leonard Fuld's latest book, The Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence (Random House, 2006).


Problem Sets
All ACI programs teach students how to overcome the most challenging competitive intelligence issues. See samples of the problem sets for this course such as:

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