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CI + Strategy Event March 27-29, 2017

ACI alumni have been asking for a boot camp from us for years. Here you go!

2017_cis_banner_185x80Some managers go to CI conferences. Others go to strategy forums. It is rare that the two shall meet. Yet intelligence without effect on strategy is just glorified distribution of mostly tactical information. Strategy without input from intelligence is […]

ACI courses in Chicago helped Cubs to win World Series!!!

What a special treat for our program this week to witness and be part of the World Series in Chicago while also learning about Competitive Intelligence. Some ACI attendees watched together the nail biter win and celebrated in the streets of Chicago after the game! What an added special bonus to the week of learning whether a cubs fan or not!

We are the Pivot

By Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI Faculty

Jenny Blake, the co-creator of Google’s career development mentorship program published a new book, Pivot, discussing lessons for pivoting one’s career. “When people are guided by fear or what they think they should do, it keeps them stuck in unfulfilling jobs”, she says.

We know many CI managers stuck in doing information fetching tasks who are afraid to be […]

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If You Are In Competitive Intelligence – Should You Be Afraid Of Outsourcing?

By Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI Faculty

If you are a competitive intelligence professional, you are probably worried about being outsourced. There are alternatives such as an outfit in India, a large information vendor or a software program. More on the latter at the end.

With the hype about AI and The Cloud and other UFOs, should you be worried?

No. Instead the CEO who decides to outsource […]

First ACI Master of CI Nigerian Female Recipient

We are so proud to announce the first female, Nigerian Master of CI CIP™-II recipient, from the FGH Academy of Competitive Intelligence. Join us in congratulating Hauwa Ayesa Ali from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. Many will follow!

Per Dr. Ben Gilad and Dr. Helen Rothberg, “Nigeria now has a bright star that is well trained.  We have […]

Featured in the Harvard Business Review: The Right Way to Use Competitive Intelligence

By Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI Faculty and Magnus Hoppe

In July 2015, Novartis launched its new heart failure drug, Entresto, which Forbes in 2014 predicted would be a blockbuster — with expected sales of $10 billion annually — as the potential market in the US exceeds 5 million people with a heart failure condition. Yet, in the first quarter of 2016 the company sold […]

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