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The CIP-I and CIP-II courses have equipped me with the fundamentals for true competitive intelligence (not information delivery!), which has played a significant factor in my rapid promotion at my current company.
Heresh Rezavandi, UCB Pharma
The ACI series of training courses were the most informative, interactive and effective courses I have ever attended!
Matt Barham, Cisco Systems

Anticipate Change…Minimize Risk

Our eight-course CIP™-I and Master of CI CIP™-II Certificate Program is a complete intelligence education program covering theory and leading edge practices from the basic collection to advanced analysis, from running the CI function to a sophisticated industry risk management framework. Whether you take one course or complete both certificate levels, you will learn how to anticipate change and minimize risk to your company with these CI courses:

ACI’s courses are designed for CI professionals as well as managers and executives in functional areas such as strategic planning, marketing, sales, finance, R&D, manufacturing/operations, among others.

The Courses

Core Courses CIP-I
CI 101® Competitive Intelligence Collection & Techniques
CI 202® Competitive Benchmarking & Tactical Analysis
CI 101/202 Competitive Intelligence Planning & Collection
CI 301 Competitive Blindspots
CI 302 Cross-Competitor Analysis
CI 303 Structured Intelligence Analysis Techniques
CI 303 Creating & Running A World Class Intel Operation
CI 304 Reporting & Communication of Intelligence
Advanced Courses Master of CI CIP-II
CI 401 War Gaming
CI 402 Value Chain Analysis
CI 403 Anticipating Disruptions

Course Materials

Most of our courses include a comprehensive workbook that allows you to follow along with the instructor, engage in in-class written exercises, and keep class notes in one convenient location. Workbooks also contain numerous examples from top corporate intelligence departments, as well as from the project archives of Fuld & Company and The Academy of Competitive Intelligence. For courses taught by Ben Gilad, Harvard Business School case studies may be substituted for workbooks.

The academy Presents you with a complete CI multi-media library including:

  • Detailed Workbooks
  • Harvard Business School and other case exercises
  • Best-selling CI books by Leonard Fuld and Ben Gilad

Certification Exams for CIP™-I & Master of CI CIP™-II

To earn the CIP™-I core and Master of CI CIP™-II advanced level of certification you would need to complete the required number of courses for each level and pass an exam for each level.

CIP™-I Level Certification requires completion of courses CI 101®, CI 301, CI 302, CI 303, CI 304. Once you have completed these courses you would be eligible to take the exam.

Master of CI CIP™-II Level Certification requires completion of courses CI 401, CI 402, CI 403 and CIP™-I certification. You cannot receive the Master of CI CIP™-II certification without first receiving the CIP™-I certification.

The exam fee for each level is $150.00. The exam is a 50 multiple choice question exam which you would take online. You would be sent a login and a password to the URL. The passing grade is 75. Once you have logged in, you will see that you have a due date to complete the exam. Once you have completed the exam you will be able to see your score right away. You are able to stop and resume when you would like within that open window before the due date. The answers are automatically saved.

If you do not pass the first time you have one more opportunity to take a slightly different version of the exam which you will be given access to at no additional cost within a few hours after your first exam results have been sent, but it must be submitted on or before the due date. Exams received after the due date will be marked as a failing grade on your record.

Distance Course Participants: Your access to the online courses will no longer be active while taking the exam(s). The examinations are only offered at set times during the year.

Upcoming access to the exams will be scheduled for:
September 7, 2018 CIP™-I & CIP™-II exam due date September 21, 2018
November 12, 2018 CIP™-I & CIP™-II exam – due date November 30, 2018

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I liked it so much I took them twice.
Luis Madureira, OgilvyRED
The best training course I have taken in a dozen years with direct, immediate applicability to our way of thinking.
Dave Dusza, Northrop Grumman
The analytical frameworks examples and cases offered a clear and simple way to look at critical competitive areas.
Terry Frazier, Cognovis Group
The ACI training filled a gap in training both at work and at the undergrad and MBA levels. Practical application benefitting both new and seasoned CI professionals.
Keith Moody, ExxonMobil
Enriching, exciting, and fun!
Aysar Tayeb, Saudi Aramco
The most relevant, dynamic and complete instruction on the intelligence discipline by the best in the industry.
Jason Gad, Intel Corp.
If you want to learn from seasoned CI professionals this is the CI series to take.
Heather Ryan, IBM
The most useful seminar I have attended in the past 20 years.
Valerie Bess, Motorola
Challenging, confrontational, and mind stretching.
Frank Ferrucci, Anthem Blue Cross

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