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Collection & Benchmarking: Module I – Core Certification Courses

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Intelligence Sources & Collection Techniques - CI 101®

WHEN: Boston: October 23, 2017 | 2018 TBD
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ACIVerified_CIPIFinalIn this fundamental competitive intelligence course, taught for over 30 years to analysts, managers, planners and researchers of nearly every large corporation globally, you will learn creative and ethical ways to develop timely intelligence on your competitors and markets.

Using case studies you will:

  • Create intelligence and identify state-of-the-art sources
  • Apply the most efficient and effective strategies for finding and analyzing information
  • Analyze privately held companies and subsidiaries
  • Use the latest Internet intelligence tools and techniques
  • Confirm rumors and improve management decision-making

Attendees will receive Leonard Fuld’s latest book, The Secret Language of Competitive Intelligence (Random House, 2006).

Afternoon Trade Show Exercise where you develop rapid-fire team intelligence-gathering strategies

CI 101® – Intelligence Sources & Collection Techniques – SAMPLE VIDEO

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Competitive Benchmarking & Tactical Analysis - CI 202®

WHEN: Boston: October 24, 2017 | 2018 TBD
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ACIVerified_CIPIFinalThis course builds on what you learn in the Intelligence Sources course. You will learn practical frameworks to assess competitive cost of operations, to analyze the true capabilities of a rival, as well as its immediate future actions. You will emerge with a practical toolkit to address specific business situations your company faces.

Using case studies you will:

  • Benchmark actual business practices and costs of competitors
  • Anticipate a company’s near-term tactical moves
  • Learn how and if a competitor can actually execute on its strategy
  • Construct an early warning approach to monitor a rival’s changing product, service and market shifts
  • Cut through a competitor’s smokescreen to accurately anticipate and prepare for a competitor’s new product roll out

Throughout the day, we will introduce you to analytical frameworks such as competitor benchmarking, financial and cost, and new product roll out analysis.


CI 202® – Competitive Benchmarking & Tactical Analysis – SAMPLE VIDEO

Getting an education in CI from Leonard Fuld is like getting investment information from Warren Buffet: They both “wrote the book” in their perspective fields and they’re both engaging, smart and approachable experts.
Fred Neurohr, WellPoint
Intelligence Sources is a great introductory course for anyone looking to either build from the ground up or expand an existing CI program. The content is relevant & applicable to all industries.
Danielle McDowell, Bose
Fantastic course on tools that help create and enhance a business intelligence acumen.
Matthew Chandler, ExxonMobil
I immediately applied my new knowledge after completing the CIP-I core courses. The resulting conversations yielded key decisions.  Immediate payback!
Madelyn Gengelbach, inContact
It is easy to see how ACI has become a cornerstone for CI.
Jeff Orf, The Boeing Company
Superb techniques, knowledge, examples – many years of experience brought to us.
Libby Bernal, BASF

Collections & Benchmarking

The Analytic Framework

Strategic Applications

Strategic Applications

Module II Course
CI 401: War Gaming: Theory & Practice ACIVerified_CIP2Final

Advanced Analysis

Enrichment Online

Enrichment Online

Our Enrichment Online Webinar/Workshops enhance our modules.
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