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Communication: Module I – Core Certification Course

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Reporting and Communication of Intelligence – CI 304

SUMMARY: The course is designed to assist CI professionals and their managers . It will cover BOTH building CI competencies inside the organization as well as managing outsourced CI processes, both with the aim of establishing CI in the enterprise as a decision-support and high-value function.
WHEN: Ft. Lauderdale, FL: February 8, 2019 | New Orleans, LA: June 21, 2019
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This course provides instruction on the effective communication of intelligence findings.  Students will have the opportunity to learn writing and presentation techniques that contribute to the actionability, decision-relevance, and impact of intelligence in a corporate setting.

The best intelligence collection and analysis will have no impact if it is delivered poorly.  In this class, students will learn techniques for the effective communication of intelligence findings to executives and decision-makers.  Combining techniques including expository writing, argument mapping, persuasion, and presentation skills, students will have the opportunity to improve their communication skills, and learn the unique aspects of intelligence communication.

You will learn how to:

  • Thinking for writing, to structure and outline your intelligence deliverables in advance
  • How to map arguments, address contradictions, and bolster the credibility and effectiveness of intelligence judgments
  • Persuasive writing and presentation techniques to prepare and deliver compelling intelligence presentations
  • How to anticipate, spot, and deal with stakeholder questions, disbelief, mindset, and hostility
Here we list the key questions that this seminar addresses. If you can answer “yes” to three or more of the 10 questions posed for this course, it will meet your needs. 

1. Does your management understand and use your intelligence capabilities?

2. Do you have a method/process for identifying management’s intelligence needs?

3. Does your current intelligence organization/process meet your company’s needs?

4. Do you believe it takes a formal organization to produce effective intelligence?

5. Do you have adequate resources, i.e., people and money, to run an effective intelligence operation?

6. Does the individual running your intelligence function have the necessary experience and skills?

7. Does your organization have a formal set of “Legal & Ethical Guidelines” ?

8. Do you believe you are producing truly “actionable” intelligence? Do you know what the three key elements are to doing so?

9. Should the intelligence organization’s function/output be evaluated? If so, should the evaluation be done on a financial basis?

10. Do you believe/know whether your major competitors are running CI operations against your company? Have they been successful?

All ACI programs teach students how to overcome the most challenging competitive intelligence issues. The following are sample lessons taught in this module:

1. Producing Actionable Intelligence

Producing Actionable Intelligence
The Business Intelligence (BI) department has been operating for about a year. It has a good reputation for being very responsive to management’s requests, answering the hard questions. It produces a bi-weekly Intelligence Newsletter and competitor assessments that are very comprehensive. The Department has been asked to make intelligence inputs to the company’s Long-Range Plan and several business unit strategies. Yet, it does not seem to be getting the recognition it believes it deserves. What more can be done?

1. Is the Director of Intelligence invited to the President’s weekly staff meetings?

2. Are the Department’s intelligence products actually resulting in business actions?

3. Are there other types of intelligence products and services that the Department should be offering?

4. Does the Department assess the “value” of its intelligence products?

2. You Need a User-Needs Identification Process, But Not Sure How To Develop One

You Need a User-Needs Identification Process, But Not Sure How To Develop One

Your General Manager has asked you to organize and start up a CI program for the Business Unit. He has identified several topics he wants you to focus on but has stated that he wants you to poll his direct reports and present the combined set of intelligence topics for their review and selection.

1. What is the best way to identify all their intelligence needs?

2. How many topics can be worked on at one time?

3. How should they be organized?

4. How should they be prioritized?

3. Managing Your Organization’s BI Operations- Are You’re the Right Person for the Job?

Managing Your Organization’s BI Operations- Are You’re the Right Person for the Job?
You have just joined the company’s main-line business unit (BU) after three years in the field support group. The head of the BU has asked you to take the lead in establishing a CI function. You know the BU has not been doing well lately, mainly due to the aggressiveness and success of several new competitors. You know first hand how difficult it is to get Headquarters’ managers to pay attention to field activities and have doubts about their interest in CI.

1. Should you take the assignment?

2. Do you personally know these new managers?

3. Did you have trouble getting HQ to use or act on your field-service reporting?

4. How do your peers and previous managers characterize your “thinking”?

5. Would you have difficulty telling your new boss one of his old product lines is not fairing as well as it appears? Would you be comfortable reporting a possible intelligence operations problems to the law department?

I immediately applied my new knowledge after completing the CIP-I core courses. The resulting conversations yielded key decisions.  Immediate payback!
Madelyn Gengelbach, inContact
It is easy to see how ACI has become a cornerstone for CI.
Jeff Orf, The Boeing Company
Superb techniques, knowledge, examples – many years of experience brought to us.
Libby Bernal, BASF

Collection & Benchmarking


Strategic Applications

Strategic Applications

Module II Course
CI 401: War Gaming: Theory & Practice ACIVerified_CIP2Final

Advanced Analysis

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