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Distance Learning Certification Option

Our approach to teaching competitive intelligence is very interactive. We strongly believe that the process of a dialogue between our world renown faculty and the participants as well among themselves is as crucial to mastering the techniques and tools. We therefore highly recommend the LIVE courses.

However, we do recognize that under certain circumstances such as remote locations, or areas where we do not offer our program, attending live workshops may be impossible. We therefore offer these videos of the live workshops as distance replacement. Please know there is no interaction at all with this distance learning option.

This Option Provides You With:

No matter what your time zone, you can access any of the courses at your convenience! Including Core Courses CIP®-I and the Advanced Courses, Master of CI CIP®-II.

Core Courses CIP®-I

CI 101® – Intelligence Sources & Collection Techniques
Communicating CI to Senior Management* (Enrichment Course)
CI 202® – Competitive Benchmarking & Tactical Analysis
CI 301 – Competitive Blindspots
Financial Forensics* (Enrichment Course)
CI 302 – Cross-Competitor Analysis
CI 303 – Creating and Running a World Class Intelligence Operation

CI 101® – Intelligence Sources & Collection Techniques – SAMPLE VIDEO

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CI 202® – Competitive Benchmarking & Tactical Analysis – SAMPLE VIDEO

CI 302 – Cross-Competitor Analysis – SAMPLE VIDEO

CI 301 – Competitive Blindspots – SAMPLE VIDEO

CI 303 – Creating and Running a World Class Intelligence Operation – SAMPLE VIDEO

Advanced Courses Master of CI CIP®-II

CI 401 – Advanced War Gaming: Theory & Practice
Advanced Strategy for the Intelligence Professional* (Enrichment Course)
CI 402 – Advanced Value Chain Analysis
CI 403 – Advanced Anticipating Disruptions – Scenario Analysis Tools and Techniques

CI 402 – Advanced Value Chain Analysis – SAMPLE VIDEO

CI 401 War Gaming Theory & Practice – SAMPLE VIDEO

CI 403 – Advanced Anticipating Disruptions-Scenario Analysis Tools and Techniques – SAMPLE VIDEO

*Not included in certification program

Please Note:

  • A minimum of 300k bandwidth is needed to view the streaming videos
  • Streamed video is viewed directly as the file is furnished to you. If you have a poor internet connection, you can have hesitations in the stream and poor viewing quality. Reliable Internet connection that is at least 1Mb/second.
  • You will need to check for potential firewall issues which would cause connection issues to the videos

Certification Exams for CIP™-I & Master of CI CIP™-II

To earn the CIP™-I core and Master of CI CIP™-II advanced level of certification you would need to complete the required number of courses for each level and pass an exam for each level.

CIP™-I Level Certification requires completion of courses CI 101®, CI 202®, CI 301, CI 302, CI 303. Once you have completed these courses you would be eligible to take the exam.

Master of CI CIP™-II Level Certification requires completion of courses CI 401, CI 402, CI 403 and CIP™-I certification. You cannot receive the Master of CI CIP™-II certification without first receiving the CIP™-I certification.

The exam fee for each level is $150.00. The exam is a 50 multiple choice question exam which you would take online. You would be sent a login and a password to the URL. The passing grade is 75. Once you have logged in, you will see that you have a due date to complete the exam. Once you have completed the exam you will be able to see your score right away. You are able to stop and resume when you would like within that open window before the due date. The answers are automatically saved.

If you do not pass the first time you have one more opportunity to take a slightly different version of the exam which you will be given access to at no additional cost within a few hours after your first exam results have been sent, but it must be submitted on or before the due date. Exams received after the due date will be marked as a failing grade on your record.

Distance Course Participants: Your access to the online courses will no longer be active while taking the exam(s). The examinations are only offered at set times during the year.

Upcoming access to the exams will be scheduled for:
February 8, 2018 CIP™-I & CIP™-II exam – due date February 25, 2019
June 21, 2019 CIP™-I & CIP™-II exam – due date June 30, 2019

FAQs for Distance Learning Courses

Once you registered via the Academy’s website (www.academyci.com) or by calling the Registrar directly 630-983-5530 – and paid your invoice, we will send you a login, password and operating instructions. In addition, we will give you access to the web streaming videos and details for downloading materials for each of the courses (e.g. Harvard Business School cases) which you can print out at your leisure.

Please Note: It is recommended that you view the videos outside of a work environment due to unknown firewall issues.

The Distance Learning courses are edited from a program that was filmed in a live setting. We created this Distance Learning for those who for whatever reason find it difficult to travel to a live course. However, live workshops remain the best way to truly receive world-class training. Inevitably, the questions you ask in class, the exercises you go through and the one-on-one interaction with colleagues and faculty during breaks and case analyses help you apply the material to your specific needs. Still, if you can’t travel, providing you with video of an actual class and the same set of notebooks and case material, combined with the private student Webcasts, is the best approximation of a live experience.
The requirements for students attending the Distance Learning or the Live Workshops are the same. There are two certification levels (CIP®-I and CIP®-II) and with two exams, one for the basic and one for the advanced courses, so you can show your company some concrete achievement for their training dollars faster. You must register and pay for all five core courses for the basic CIP®-I certification and the three advanced courses for CIP®-II certification (evening courses are not included in the certification requirements) and you must pass the certification exam(s) which we distribute to all those who have completed the Live Workshops or the Distance Learning courses. You cannot receive the CIP®-II certification without first receiving the CIP®-I certification.
You have access to the Distance Learning workshops for six months. Our recommendation though is for students to take the entire program within 6 months so that you can recall the class discussion and the exercises you practiced well enough to succeed when taking the qualifying exams.
You receive access to the web streaming videos and details for downloading materials for each of the courses (e.g. Harvard Business School cases) which you can print out at your leisure.
If you do not have travel budget that will allow you to attend a Live Workshop, consider taking some Distance Learning courses and coming to live classes once your travel restrictions are lifted. That way you can still get some of the obvious benefits from getting to know our instructors. If you can’t afford to travel, you can take all your courses in the Distance Learning format. The content is the same.
We have had students retake courses over the years. If you feel you would like to reinforce the course lessons or prefer the Live Workshop setting we encourage you do so. Please note: We do not give any ceu’s, credits, or discount for retaking a course.
As many as you wish. However, we do recommend a logical progression from basic courses which lay the analytical foundation to advanced courses which apply it.
Please contact the Registrar, Lynne Smith at (US) 888-732-6812 or (International) +1-630-983-5530, or via e-mail at lsmith@academyci.com.

Please Note:

This online program is specifically aimed at individuals and is not suitable for corporate in-house training or large groups requiring interactions with instructors and corporate periodic learning assessments.

Please see our In-House Training for more information.

Those taking the online program can still sit for the CIP Exam, but CEUs cannot be granted due to the requirement of IACET for contact hours.

The online courses are a perfect option for those of us that can’t travel due to professional and personal commitments. It is really nice to know that as CI professionals we all face the same challenges and doubts. I started the courses with just empirical knowledge and ended with great academic knowledge on how to implement the best CI program in my company and most importantly it has given me the managerial understanding that I needed to further my career as a CI professional.
Maria Ahumada, Bancolombia
When theoretical concepts and practical implementation come together, the value it creates is mind blowing.
Quinton Swart, Sasol Oil
Excellent tactical program for educating CI professionals – well worth the time spent.
Mike Deport, F. Hoffmann La-Roche
Excellent, introduction to CI Analytical Frameworks
Guy Ruediger, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
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