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Building a World Class CI Function into Management's Trusted Decision Partner

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Cliff Kalb, former head of Merck’s global Competitive Intelligence group, will lead a lively and frank discussion of his broad, pragmatic Competitive Intelligence experience as a practitioner in the trenches.

Cliff will present a no holds barred discussion of how Competitive Intelligence theory is applied in building a world class function into management’s trusted decision partner in a global pharmaceutical company. Specifically, you will learn how to: to:

  • Minimize firefighting by building trust and respect in the CI producer consumer relationship.
  • Manage client expectations by thorough scoping of work,  leveraging all available resources in project execution, and closing the loop with feedback.
  • Organize the CI activities of an assignment into discreet project management tasks, keep management engaged, and pay it off with valued deliverables.
  • Understand several key principles in measuring CI’s business effectiveness.
  • Learn to mature as a practitioner by learning from mistakes made in a real strategic case history — the good, the bad and the ugly.
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Testing your Competitive Story

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Is it possible that you or your decision makers are getting your competitive picture wrong? Are you using the right assumptions comparing your firm to your competitors? Either way you need to test your competitive story with Key Success Factors and a comparative Financial Snapshot. “Key Success Factors” (KSF) reflect management and analyst assumptions about the drivers of success in a strategic group.   It can be a powerful tool for quickly identifying where advantage may reside and whether your company has it.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Design a simple but powerful format for competitor comparison.
  • Understand the impact of industry structure, life cycle, and trends for selecting KSF.
  • Create a comparative, quantitative KSF analysis of 5 or so factors in order to provide a succinct quantitative perspective of how competitors stack up against each other.
  • Craft a telling and tight Financial Snapshot to identify comparative performance.
  • Surprise yourself when you test competitive assumptions or KSF against the competitor group’s Financial Snapshot.


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Strategy for the CI Professional

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As part of a war game, and more generally, as part of analyzing competitors, one needs to be able to evaluate the soundness of strategy as well as evaluate competitive moves for their probability of success. Concepts such as Activity Maps, Strategic Profiles, External Consistency and Dynamic Consistency help the CI professional to evaluate the significance of moves by competitors. In this course you will learn to apply graphical and logical tests to place competitors’ moves in perspective.

The course covers:

  • How to identify the real strengths and weaknesses of a competitor’s strategy and how to graph its profile
  • How to identify and evaluate a strategic position – your competitor’s and your own
  • How to put competitive developments in perspective

Problem Sets for this course can also be found here.

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Industry Profit Pool Analysis:

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How do you identify your industry boundaries?  Where are industry profits being made? Are there prospects for profit generation ignored by competitors?  Industry profit pool analysis provides insight into these questions.  With an industry profit pool map the CI analyst can determine where value can be captured or created, where the company sits in the pool vis a vis its competitors, and what strategic alternatives facilitate swimming into better pools. A profit pool map can then be employed to inform strategic thinking.

Using examples this webinar discusses how to:

  • Define an industry’s boundaries using an extended value chain framework
  • Estimate the distribution of profits across value chain activities
  • Uncover new sources of profit
  • Create an industry profit pool map to fit strategic questions


Enlightening, now I understand what real intelligence is!
Bengt Lindqvist, SCA Hygiene Products AB
Hands down the best courses. Beats MBA courses by tons (MBA from a top business school in US).
P.C., Shell
It was extremely inspiring and I feel I learned a lot.
Urban Gabrielsson, SCA
The best education I have had to date!
David Owen, Nuance Communications
If you can only take one course, make it this one!
Brad Puckett, Little Caesars Enterprises Inc.
I guarantee anyone in any position of any company in any industry will learn something new.
Dean Sotiriadis, Investors Group

Strategic Applications

Strategic Applications

Module II Course
CI 401: War Gaming: Theory & Practice ACIVerified_CIP2Final

Advanced Analysis

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