Meet Our Faculty, Leaders in the Industry

The Academy’s founding faculty represent the early pioneers in the field of CI back in the 1980s and have written leading books on the subject. All founders are SCIP Meritorious Award Winners. Among our lecturers are professors from the Harvard Business School, as well as experts in a variety of fields that make up the breadth of a solid CI education, including finance, healthcare, analytics and management communications. Above all, our faculty are phenomenal teachers. One can be an expert but boring. One can bring the title but can’t inspire. Our faculty’s evaluations have been consistently exceeding student expectations for over fifteen years. Anything but teaching excellence is unacceptable to us. Just ask our alumni.


Leonard Fuld - Faculty

Benjamin Gilad - Faculty

Jan Herring - Faculty

Helen Rothberg - Faculty

Joshua Margolis  - Faculty

Raleen Gagnon - Faculty

Michael Sandman - Faculty

Dan Mulligan - Faculty

Karl Rose - Faculty

Clifford Kalb - Faculty

Jay Paap - Faculty

Jules Schwartz - Faculty

Amy Mulligan - Faculty

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What Our Alumni Say

Revolutionary. Quotes from the teacher that you will often repeat with others.
Anna Capraro, TetraPak
Transforming data to intelligence is Fuld’s specialty. Don’t wait to take his course.
Levy Bouligny, CGGVeritas
If you want to improve your CI skills, this is the course you should take!
Eduardo Quintero, Janssen
Superb techniques, knowledge, examples – many years of experience brought to us in a strong CI skills well thought out and enthusiastic level MBA CI course.
Libby Bernal, BASF
This is the only course where pioneers and veterans of intelligence meet to produce the next generation!
Simon Sang, Kenya Pipeline Co.

The honest dialogue about corporate America & how strategy works in it, will help anyone in their own organization. It is easy to see how ACI has become a cornerstone for CI.
Jeff Orf, The Boeing Co.
I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone aiming at a career in competitive intelligence or strategy.
Tatjana Sparavalo, Itron Inc.