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Management: Module I – Core Certification Course

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Harnessing CI for Maximum Value in your Organization – CI 303

SUMMARY: The course is designed to assist CI professionals and their managers . It will cover BOTH building CI competencies inside the organization as well as managing outsourced CI processes, both with the aim of establishing CI in the enterprise as a decision-support and high-value function.
WHEN: Boston, Burlington: June 15, 2018 | Chicago, IL: November 16, 2018
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ACIVerified_CIPIFinalIn this course, you will learn what it takes to develop and run a world-class intelligence operation that contributes to the organization’s bottom line. Whether you are a lone CI practitioner or manage your company’s intelligence department you will benefit from our faculty’s expertise in developing corporate intelligence programs that are considered among the leading competitive intelligence systems operating today, as well as the most benchmarked worldwide. World-class intelligence practices such as the Key Intelligence Topic (KIT) user-needs identification process, selection of the best organizational model for your company, and the use of appropriate measures-of-effectiveness (MOE) to demonstrate the operation’s value to senior management are covered in this rapid-pace, full day program.

You will learn how to:

  • Establish the professional intelligence process used by successful CI organizations world wide
  • Choose the right CI structure for your company or business unit
  • Use all three basic intelligence operations to produce actionable intelligence
  • Create and use the KIT user-needs identification process to produce the intelligence that your management and organization needs

And, identify the types of measures that can be used to assess your intelligence operations effectiveness (MOEs) and value (ROI).

CI 303 – Creating and Running a World Class Intelligence Operation – SAMPLE VIDEO

I immediately applied my new knowledge after completing the CIP-I core courses. The resulting conversations yielded key decisions.  Immediate payback!
Madelyn Gengelbach, inContact
It is easy to see how ACI has become a cornerstone for CI.
Jeff Orf, The Boeing Company
Superb techniques, knowledge, examples – many years of experience brought to us.
Libby Bernal, BASF

Collections & Benchmarking

The Analytic Framework


Strategic Applications

Strategic Applications

Module II Course
CI 401: War Gaming: Theory & Practice ACIVerified_CIP2Final

Advanced Analysis

Enrichment Online

Enrichment Online

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