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Strategic Applications: Module II – Advanced Certification Course

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War Gaming Theory & Practice - CI 401

CREDITS: 1.8 CEU CREDITS (2 Day Course)
WHEN: New Orleans, LA: June 20-21, 2019
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Prerequisite of CI 301: Competitive Blindspots or CI 302: Cross-Competitor Analysis highly recommended. Also, to gain the greatest benefit from this two-day program, be prepared to review the case material in advance.

War Gaming is and old military planning tool but only recently it has been adapted for commercial use. Its popularity in recent years can be traced in part to the influence of Dr. Gilad’s book, Business War Games (Career Press, 2009) which was the first practical manual for structuring and running war games for business. War Gaming is by far the most effective technique known to planners and decision makers to test strategic moves and initiatives at the corporate, business unit, market or product level before committing significant resources to them. War Gaming is also a most effective tool for setting priorities, managing healthy conflict in executive teams, and building consensus across the organization. The idea behind all war games is a realistic simulation of the perspectives of all major players which at the end invariably affect the success of strategy in a much more significant way than anticipated by most companies. The “battle” is to pressure-test strategic options which are robust in light of expected moves and countermoves by major players and an industry’s changing landscape.

Combining theory and practice, you will learn to:

  • Role-play competitors with the most cutting edge techniques
  • Learn to run both “Landscape” and “Competitor Response” war games
  • Make the most accurate predictions of third parties’ moves
  • Understand all the steps needed to organize and play effective games
  • Understand precisely the role of intelligence in a war game

Participants will receive Dr. Gilad’s new book, Business War Games (Career Press, 2008), the only such book in the market!

CI 401 War Gaming Theory & Practice – SAMPLE VIDEO

Even when I sat through endless fantastic sessions at a top MBA School with Strategy experts, they still lacked the insightful, realistic, practical approach you showed us in just 2 days. I’m a fan.
Blanca Rosales, Novartis
The course left me wanting more. I couldn’t wait to get back to work to put what I had learned to use.
Tyler Oborn, Mars
Great Course…The concepts taught in the War Gaming class are immediately applicable to any business and any industry, at any phase of the business life cycle.
Howard Miller, Northrop Grumman
Enriching, exciting, and fun!
Aysar Tayeb, Saudi Aramco
This will challenge you to be a better CI professional regardless of your current level of expertise!
Joe Twist, Novartis
Fantastic real-world application of theory that was in the Anticipating Disruptions course (CI 403). It allows you to see academia hit the business world head on.
Jeff Orf, The Boeing Company
Very hands-on and pragmatic course on War Gaming. I will implement my learnings at work!
Ingemar Svensson, Ericsson
You will distinctly remember Ben Gilad’s courses so much more than any other course you have taken before. His energy, wisdom and experience in strategic intelligence is unparalleled!
Heresh Rezavandi, UCB

Strategic Applications

Strategic Applications

Module II Course
CI 401: War Gaming: Theory & Practice ACIVerified_CIP2Final

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