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Are you a veteran looking to get into CI?

ACI announces an alliance with ACP- American Corporate Partners, a not-for-profit organization helping to connect veterans to corporate mentors. ACP honors us by accepting our training as valuable for former intelligence professionals from government or military agencies.

For years we had to turn down applicants from government or military intelligence jobs who […]

The Real Power of Competitive Intelligence is Not in Babysitting Competitors

The worst mistake you can make is thinking competitive intelligence is actually about competitors. Give us just 9 minutes to convince you how powerful real CI is (not the fake one being carried out in so many companies), if the video cannot convince you we will refund your money. Oh, wait, the video is for free.

First ACI Master of CI Nigerian Female Recipient

We are so proud to announce the first female, Nigerian Master of CI CIP™-II recipient, from the FGH Academy of Competitive Intelligence. Join us in congratulating Hauwa Ayesa Ali from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. Many will follow!

Per Dr. Ben Gilad and Dr. Helen Rothberg, “Nigeria now has a bright star that […]

Competitive Intelligence (CI): A Global Challenge – and it’s not just worrying about competitors!

By Leonard Fuld, ACI Faculty

We just completed the fall certification courses with students from the US, Switzerland, Canada, Barbados, Saudi Arabia, Mexico.   The industries ranged from Life Sciences, Technology, Oil and Gas, Medical Devices, Law to Consumer Products and Insurance. Not surprisingly, though, their intelligence needs varied.

While everyone understood the need to assess their competition, participants […]

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