What degrees are conducive to careers in competitive or market intelligence?

By Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI Faculty

Mick Lariviere (CIP-II™) recently changed jobs. Formerly at McAfee, he put our Masters’ certification on his resume. The hiring manager at his new job told him our certification was a game changer.

We have dozens of such anecdotes.

We have trained thousands of managers in competitive/market intelligence. Our institution has certified over 2,000 as CIP™- the […]

New ACI Alumni Professionally on Fire and Officially Certified

By Benjamin Gilad, ACI Faculty

Our new Winter program took place last week at the beautiful new campus of Northeastern University in Charlotte, NC. We hope to come back there repeatedly as we keep expanding our programs nationally.

You can judge how well it went by Theresa Ensign’s post on Linkedin: “Exhausted, brain fried, professionally on fire and officially… a Certified […]

June 2017 Wrap Up with Yoda a Rock Star and fun evening drinks

It takes a few days walking away from our training to digest all that has been learned. The emotions our students go through during the week are high, and low, excitement, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, and exhaustion. The different faculty also help with those emotions from the excitement of Leonard Fuld, and Ken Sawka to the  cranky “Yoda” Ben Gilad and […]

Can You Think Like Someone Else?

plaqueTo compete, you need to understand the mindset of other parties – from competitors to regulators to customers to disruptors. To compete in the long run, you need an early detection system that engages management in proactive discussions about strategy, risks and opportunities. Both skills are taught at the Academy, where […]

Creating & Running World Class Intelligence Organizations

By Jan Herring, ACI Faculty

I continue to be surprised by how many class members acknowledge that their companies do not have an agreed upon or formal definition of intelligence, i.e. competitive, market, technology or other forms of business intelligence. I have asked the question of every class since the Academy started in 1999 and the number of affirmative […]

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