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6 Surefire Ways to Impress the Higher-Ups at Work, According to a Management Expert

Article by ACI faculty in Money Magazine.

Working in a large organization can make you feel invisible — but is there a secret to getting noticed as a go-to person by executives many pay-grades above yours?

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June 2017 Wrap Up with Yoda a Rock Star and fun evening drinks

It takes a few days walking away from our training to digest all that has been learned. The emotions our students go through during the week are high, and low, excitement, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, and exhaustion. The different faculty also help with those emotions from the excitement of Leonard Fuld, and Ken Sawka to the  cranky “Yoda” Ben Gilad and […]

The Real Power of Competitive Intelligence is Not in Babysitting Competitors

The worst mistake you can make is thinking competitive intelligence is actually about competitors. Give us just 9 minutes to convince you how powerful real CI is (not the fake one being carried out in so many companies), if the video cannot convince you we will refund your money. Oh, wait, the video is for free.

Amazing: The FBI is Actually More Strategic Than Fortune 500 CEO!

By Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI Faculty

A recent working paper by the Harvard Business School revisited the FBI’s reorganization efforts post 9/11. A summary of this case can be found at Forbes(search under Harvard Working Knowledge, “How the FBI reinvented itself”).

The remarkable discovery from this […]

We are Winning the Battle!


By Dr. Ben Gilad, ACI Faculty

Information SpecialistIn one week, I received requests from two companies looking to hire a Competition Analyst.

One was looking for Market Insight manager and the other “a shrewd Market Analyst and thinker”.

It has been our campaign for many years to separate competition analysts from the information […]

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